GPGMail on OS X Snow Leopard

With the upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard, and the included update for AppleMail, GPGMail was broken due to it using an undocumented API which has, of course, changed.

Fortunately, people more knowledgeable than I have fixed this by now, making it relatively easy to get things going again.

First of all, close AppleMail.

The next thing to do is to get gpg up and running again. There is an excellent explanation right here (, which will allow you to copy/paste your way through the whole thing. It's your basic ./configure; make; make install; except that on Snow Leopard, you need to specify that you want to compile it for 32bit mode, like so :

./configure CC="gcc -arch i386"

Next, download this GPGMail.bundle: (see the discussion thread, there is probably a newer one by now), unzip it and place the result in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/

In my case, I had to open the bundle (Ctrl-click, "Show Package Contents") and edit Contents -> Info.plist (using Property List Editor). It was missing two GUIDs, which I found like so:

venefyxatu@Succubus$ grep -A 1 UUID /Applications/ 

venefyxatu@Succubus$ grep -A1 UUID /System/Library/Frameworks/\

For each of those, copy the GUID (the bit in the tag) and add it as a child to SupportedPluginCompatibilityUUID.

That's it. Start AppleMail and it should load the plugin, once again giving you access to the GPG settings.

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