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Messed up on gentoo

Last Friday I somehow managed to mess up my I still don't know what happened (I blame Steam for Linux - it's the only special thing I played around with, even though at first glance the scripts nicely keep their hands off the system) or what was wrong, but the end result was that skype, firefox, slim, faceauth, and a whole bunch of other stuff (including gcc) didn't work anymore. not found: no such file or directory.

It had nothing to do with my CFLAGS as many forum posts suggest. Frankly, I was completely stumped because the file was still where it was supposed to be. Last modification date? December 10, 2012.

The solution turned out to be fairly simple:
* Download stage3 tarball
* Extract into a brand new directory (and not to /)
* Chroot into the extracted stage3
* quickpkg gcc
* Copy the result to /usr/portage/packages
* emerge -K =gcc-4.6.3
* gcc-config -l && gcc-config 2
* env-update && source /etc/profile
* emerge --oneshot libtool

Ta-dahh. Everything works again, didn't even need to reboot.