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Creating a new report in OpenERP with the report designer

Creating a new OpenERP report with the (OOo) report designer isn't very hard, provided you know the right steps to get started. I'm assuming you have the base_report_designer module installed in your OpenERP setup.

  1. In OOo, open a new document.
  2. Connect to your OpenERP server:

    1. OpenERP Report Designer -> Server Parameters
    2. Use the 'Change' button to enter the Server URL parameters
    3. Enter your database, login and password
    4. Click Connect

  3. In the OpenERP Report Designer menu, choose "Open a new report"
  4. You'll be given a list of objects to choose from - choose the one you want your report to be about
  5. Add a loop (either via the menu or via the toolbar, which can be enabled via View -> Toolbars -> Add-On 1). If all is well, you'll have a single object to choose from. This loop needs to be in your document to ensure that you can add the sub-fields of your chosen object to the report.
  6. You can now add fields, layout, everything you like to your report. Don't forget to save your work every now and then. Use the "Send to the server" option in the OpenERP Report Designer menu to upload your report to your OpenERP server. It will be available immediately.

This procedure was tested on OpenERP v.6.0.2