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Mojo SDK getting up and running

Palm finally released their WebOS SDK to the public (to be found on ). Here's what I did to get things up and running on my Gentoo laptop:

  • Download the .deb file
  • Convert the .deb file to a tarball ( deb2targz )
  • Extract the thing to /
  • Try `palm-emulator` and swear some because "Palm Emulator requires that VirtualBox 2.2.0 or greater is installed." 2.2.4 > 2.2.0, right?
  • Some decompiling of the jar files reveals that on Linux, the virtualbox classes simply search for /usr/bin/VBoxManage. If it's installed somewhere else, tough luck, you don't have virtualbox. A symlink fixes this.
    Note: on Windows, `reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Sun\xVM VirtualBox /v InstallDir` is used to determine the installation directory. On my Vista x64 box I can execute this query in a DOS prompt and get the correct result, even though the emulator complains.
  • Ignore the novacom warning for now and presto, one booting WebOS VBox machine.

The novacom warning :

In order to install or debug applications in the Palm Emulator, the novacom
service must be running on your desktop.

Please verify that you have the latest Palm SDK installed correctly.

`sudo /opt/Palm/novacom/novacomd` fixes this. There's a /etc/event.d/palm-novacomd script which makes the novacom service start on rulevels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This is probably a very debian-ish way to do things, but won't quite work for me ;-)
Anyway, I have a running virtual machine and I should be able to install and debug applications from Eclipse. I'm happy. For now :-)