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OpenSolaris experiments

I'm experimenting with OpenSolaris in a virtual machine in order to get some more hands-on experience with Crossbow, Containers, ...

Just to make sure : this is not a guide / how-to. These are notes to remind myself of what I did. If you mess up your system by doing anything described here, that's your problem. If I mess up my system ... well ... I have a backup ;-)

First of all : BFU (aka Blindingly Fast Upgrade)

I got BFU from here : (it's the SUNWonbld.i386.tar.bz2 file, for i386 in my case)
Then download the Crossbow bits from here :
Extract the BFU archive and install it (after removing any possible older version via pkgrm) :
pkgadd -d . SUNWonbld
Add BFU to the path via ~/.profile :
export PATH=/opt/onbld/bin:/opt/onbld/bin/i386:$PATH
export FASTFS=/opt/onbld/bin/i386/fastfs
export BFULD=/opt/onbld/bin/i386/bfuld
export GZIPBIN=/usr/bin/gzip

Source your .profile again or re-login, extract the crossbow bits and get bfu running:
bfu /rpool/crossbow/nightly-nd
When all is done and you end up in ksh, don't forget to run the Automatic Conflict Resolution script :
There you go ... reboot, admire your new GRUB entry and enjoy Crossbow!