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Importing iCal to J-Pilot

I use Sunbird if I want to subscribe to an online calendar (mostly via ical), but sometimes I want to import some events into my Palm. Since I use J-Pilot to sync my Palm, this translated into the need to move events from Sunbird to J-Pilot.

Attempt 1 : export events into a CSV file and import that into J-Pilot (which, by default, only supports importing from CSV and DAT/DBA)

FAIL. The CSV format is different.

Attempt 2 : Google and The CompuTech Group to the rescue with this article :

It boils down to this :

Checkout, compile and install jp-icalendar ( ).
svn co jp-icalendar
cd jp-calendar
If this fails with errors like the following, skip this step and run autoreconf --force --install --symlink instead.
configure: error:

*** [Gentoo] sanity check failed! ***
*** libtool.m4 and have a version mismatch! ***
*** (libtool.m4 = 1.5.26, = "1.5.24 Debian 1.5.24-1ubuntu1") ***

Please run:

libtoolize --copy --force

make check
sudo make install

Now when you have an ics file, you can simply import it into J-Pilot via icalendar-import calendarfile.ics

If you're a GUI user and would like these files to be imported automatically when you double-click them, configure .ics files to be opened with `/usr/local/bin/icalendar-import' (or wherever your icalendar-import is installed). Keep in mind that if you import it twice, all events will show up twice as well! It's logical, but worth mentioning ;-)

Note: after syncing with my palm, the poor thing crashed every time I tried to open the calendar. Quickly solved by restoring a backup, but nevertheless annoying. I think the descriptions for some of the imported calendar entries were too long or so ...